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  • matttilley


    hi guys. a couple of questions. We use georgia as our font but this doesn’t render on all desk tops. Is there any way i can put a family of fonts in so if georgia doesn’t render another font i like will take its place instead of an ugly generic one?

    also where you can upload media in the backend if i wanted to take off the color button, bold button, italic button how would i do this. Were in the code would i find it?

    one more thing. when we upload photos the word “show” appears once “crunching” has finished. Any ideas how i can disable or get rid of the word “show”?


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  • richarduk


    For fonts, put something like this for the body style in style.css (adapt as you see fit):

    body {font-size: 76.5%; font-family: Arial, Sans-Serif, Courier New, Verdana; background-color:#D6F1F8;color:black;margin:0;border:0;text-align:center;padding-bottom:50px;}

    Shane G



    As richarduk said, you need to edit the style.css file of your theme. If you face any issue in editing the stylesheet file then paste your stylesheet code here to get more feedback.

    regarding media upload you need to edit the core files of wordpress which is too hard and get a perfect programmer assistance.


    Shane G.

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