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    Hi I am trying to change some field names in the Vendor dashboard but it does not seem to be working. I have created a dokan/dashboard folder in my Theme and have tried to edit the products-widget.php to change the names but it does not work. Appreciate any help

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    Hello @teamf,

    Can you please share with me the screenshot of field name that you want to change?

    If the field name you want to change is available within the template folder of Dokan, then it will be possible to change the field name by overriding the template folder. The process of overriding the template folder is easy: you have to create a folder named dokan within your child theme. Then you have to paste the file by maintain the directory of the file where you want to add the change.

    However if the field name is outside of the template folder, then you will be required to add proper custom code to change the field name in your child theme’s functions.php file.


    Thanks for responding. Yes the fields are in the dashboard file in the templates folder.

    But I previously tried to override the template by creating a dokan folder in my Theme but it just did not work

    Plugin Support Mushrit Shabnam


    Hello @teamf,

    Say you want to change any field name of the order tracking id, which is available in vendor dashboard > orders section. The file location is: wp-content/plugins/dokan-lite/templates/orders/details.php

    In order to override any field name in the details.php file, you need to create the files directory like this:

    Please create a folder named dokan inside the child theme and then create another folder named orders and then paste the details.php file within the orders folder.

    So the directory will be: wp-content/theme/child-theme/dokan/orders/details.php. Here you can change anything you need, it will be saved over plugin update.

    Thank you!

    Ok thanks I will try again..that is exactly how I tried previously but maybe it catching catching the files

    Thanks for the help Mushrit. I tried it again and I am now able to override some of the templates, which is great! I like this Dokan product and am going to upgrade to Pro and get one of the Add-ons. So appreciate the help.

    Can you also tell me which template file to change to add the ‘Add New Product’ button to the Vendor Dashboard main page? At the moment, the user has to click on the Product tab to add a new product, which is one click more than needed.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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