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Changing "Featured Posts" Slider dimensions on hompage (756x250) (2 posts)

  1. neat_geek
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have been trying and trying to figure how to change the width of the featured posts sliders on the homepage of this theme. By default it is 756x250. I would like to make the width bigger. I would like to display the 4 featured posts on the right. I do NOT want a full width slider, but would like to increase the width of the current FEATURED POSTS slider. I have done the following.
    1. Created a child theme and copied the functions.php file, changing the code containing: 756x250 (didn't work)
    2. Inserted a shortcode in the custom css portion of the theme settings. (didn't work)

    I would like my Featured Posts Images to be 900x250. Is there a simple way to do this? If so how? What is the code? Where should it go?
    Love, Peace and Hair Grease


  2. konradS
    Posted 2 years ago #

    hi neat_geek,

    to say it before, what you plan takes some time and digging into code.

    i would think about if you need the slider really like this or look for a slider plugin maybe, that delivers your kind of slideshow you expect.

    1.) to create a child theme - great start.

    the functions.php - do not copy all, just the line for adding a new featured image size.

    copy it and modify it to your size (now your size is added too, the other ones will come anyway).

    then, you will have to get the code of the original slider and copy it to your functions.php too.

    modify the function in your child theme and then make it work first.

    then a few more things, in case you really want to go this way.

    sorry i cannot give you step by step tutorial for such a thing - it would be exploding time consume and we cannot code all details for you ;)

    but hopefully there were some hints to move to the right direction.

    you wil have to digg a bit and try out. if you are not familiar with PHP, better leave it, to be honest.

    2.) custom css settings tab is just for CSS - shortcodes are just to use in posts, pages, or widgets. anywhere you can display something and write.

    hope this helps, konrad

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