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    Can someone help, please?

    I've just messed up my site which I've had "under construction" for a few months, but not yet launched. I thought I followed instructions from WP Forum and YouTube tutorials correctly for changing my domain name as follows:

    I did a database backup of my blog. Then logged into CPanel, then into phpMySQL. Went to my active child theme: twentytwelve. Only one file there: style.css. I added a new file: functions.php. Edited this empty file by typing in the following three lines (nothing else):
    /*Changing domain names in hard-wired fashion*/ update_option('siteurl','http://smartgridix.com');

    (Sudden thought: should I have enclosed those lines between


    At first, I commented out all of the three lines -- then I got brave, and changed to commenting out only the first text line describing the action (as above), presumably making active the two lines of 'update_option' commands. I saved this active file (as I had saved previously the fully commented inactive three lines).

    I went to Dashboard>Settings>General and changed my home and site URLs to smartgridix.com. I saved these changes.

    I then typed in the new URL, "smartgridix.com/wp-admin" to Mozilla browser and the following error message came up:

    /* Changing domain names in hard-wired fashion update_option('siteurl','http://smartgridix.com'); update_option('home','http://smartgridix.com');*/
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/dompeter/public_html/wp-content/themes/MyTwentyTwelveChild/functions.php:9) in /home/dompeter/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

    Panicking (this happens easily when making coding changes, at least to me), I uploaded/restored my saved database files using my C-Panel, but still get the same error message above.

    I'd really appreciate a helping hand, as I am now stuck and cannot access my web site. I spent two days reading and watching how-to YouTube videos on how to do this domain name change, and I still screwed up!

    My only other option is to recreate the web-site/blog from scratch with a fresh copy of WP and with the new URLs but it seems to me that that should not be necessary.....

    Many thanks and sorry for longish message.

  2. kmessinger
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    At smartgridix.com/wp-admin I get a holding page like the domain name is not yet setup.


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    Thank you. Also, the codex file you sent is helpful re the section on hard-wiring the new domain names: "Edit wp-config.php".

    I am going to try that. Don't really want the domain name to be hard-wired, but if it works, then I'll go with it because the other approaches are so tricky (and I am a "detail" type of guy).

    I was able to get my site up again with the old domain name. FYI, I have the site cloaked since it is still messy/draft-ey, using "Ultimate Coming Soon" plug-in.

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    However, I've discovered that I can visit my previous domain name at my site and my WP blog shows up perfectly, but when I add on the wp-admin extension to it in order to access my dashboard and press enter, it then points me to the new domain: smartgridix.com, but with a meaningless front page, and with the following URL in the URL box:


    I'm not sure how to read this, but it seems that the new domain name, smartgridix.com, is not connected to my wordpress dashboard/admin login?

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    I still can't get into my old site or the same site with the new domain name. Breaking the problem down into digestible pieces:

    1. I added this code to my WP-config file below the top line which is: <?php

    2. I added this code into my twentytwelve theme/functions.php file, again below the first <?php :

    3. I added this code into my twentytwelve child theme/functions.php file (I had to create a functions.php file first and this is the only entry) :
    4. In my dashboard (Settings>General) of my original site, I changed the Home and Site URLs from the old URLs to the new URLs

    Now, when I browse to my old domain, the old site comes up for about 1 second and then it goes to a new site that says in its header smartgridix.com in its header, but has misc. stuff on the rest of the page. When I browse to my new site name, I also get this nonsense site, but I do not get the "skipping" through the old site front page first like I do above.

    Any and all help appreciated.

  6. kmessinger
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    Your domain is at Hostgator. You should contact them about the 500 error. It can take a while, 24-48 hours, for a site to propagate thru the web but yours should have by now.

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: SMARTGRIDIX.COM
    Created on: 24-Jan-13
    Expires on: 24-Jan-14
    Last Updated on: 26-Jan-13
    Domain servers in listed order:

  7. kmessinger
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    There should be a file manager here where you can confirm your install of wordpress. http://smartgridix.com:2082/?locale=en

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    Thank u. That is helpful. I will follow up on your suggestions

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