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  1. A2JC4life
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Background: I have two WP blogs hosted on my site, each on its own subdomain. I have recently changed the main domain on my site, so what WERE blog.homeworksbest.net and mike.homeworksbest.net are now blog.titus2homemaker.com and mike.titus2homemaker.com. Nothing has actually "physically" *moved* - the subdomain folders are still in the same place on the same host.

    Sooo...here's what I'm wondering: I found the instructions for changing the URL on the blog(s), and have done that. The instructions say that there's all this other stuff I need to do if the domain has moved. Do I really need to do all that, or is it sufficient to change the URL, since I didn't actually MOVE anything? (As best I can tell, it LOOKS like it works at this point.) Thanks!

  2. Other than any old links you have to the old URL not working anymore, it shouldn't make any difference.

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