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  • server sorta..
    I am changing/moving everything..
    I know that it gives the black and white of the story on the codex.
    But I was wondering .. has anyone done this..? that might be willing to tell me what were the pitfalls of the move ..
    What should I watch out for another words..
    going from to

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  • Wait, are you just moving the contents of your installation around and getting a new domain name for it, or are you actually changing hosting packages AND domain names? If so, you’ll need to have backed up your database information for everything to be the same on your new domain.

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    Look at the Moving section on the right.

    I just did this and followed the codex by the letter and had problems. There are actually two different sets of instructions on the codex, mostly similar but a little different. I’m sorry, I dont remember which one got me closer – I think it’s the one that was linked under ‘wp back up week’. it’s got inline images with numbers.

    Anyway, the main problem I had was the version of sql on the new server was older and kept running into problems importing the database on the new server because of character encoding lines. Changing the export compatability options to an older version of sql stripped it of those lines and all was swell. If that doesn’t make sense now, dont worry. it will when you’re on the export screen. just follow the codex and if doesn’t work, try it again, changing the compatability to an older version of sql.

    I’ve done this sort of thing so much over the 10 years I’ve had website hosting that I don’t even have to think about it any more. I looked over the codex instructions, and they’re VERY comprehensive.

    You should be fine following them. If you run into difficulties of some sort, post back…. betcha someone else has had them before!

    i did it..
    And I love it and wordpress the most..
    I can’t tell you how wonderful the entire process was..
    The codex was a little confusing.. Only because..I actually did part of each one..
    That is I used Restore Database and Change Domain and Server..
    But for the most part it was great..
    Thanks again for your wonderful insight.
    Come by and visit…

    Come by and visit…

    My eyes! Dear lord they’re burning! LOL 😉 Glad things went smoothly for you. I’ve only attemped this one time and it went good for me as well. LOVE what you’ve done to that theme. 🙂

    sorry i know its really loud.. but hey that is me..
    thanks so much for the visit..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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