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    Up to and including Theme 2019 when creating or editing a Blog post I used the ‘Color’ command at the foot of the Document tag to define the border colour for the post. With Theme 2020 this has changes and has become a vexation for 1) all previously published posts on my Blog (~200); 2) on new posts. Why? The ‘Color’ command now defines the background colour of the post. This means many of my archive posts have a very dark background and are unreadable on PC or mobile screen. The second issue is I would like to set the default background colour for posts to be white (or another light grey colour). Since I have guest authors who are not experiences in using WordPress I fear their posts will also turn out with dark backgrounds.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to.

    Here’s what’s available in Twenty Nineteen:

    And, Background Color changes the background:

    Here’s what’s available in Twenty Twenty:

    And, again, Background Color changes the background:

    Perhaps, in Twenty Nineteen, you were modifying the result via additional CSS or a plugin?

    Thanks James. This seems so obvious I may have wasted your time. I’m a simple WordPress user – not a developer. Does this mean in 2020 I must define the background colour of every block I create? Or can I select my own default custom colour – for example, Hex #f9f9f9 for a light grey?

    There is a control in the Document tab – right at the bottom – called ‘Post Color’. I can put the Hex code #f9f9f9 in a box here called ‘Select’. That’s fine, but what I want is that #f9f9f9 can become the default for all posts. That way I get a uniform look to my Blog and my guest authors don’t even need to think about post colour – they can just write and publish!

    Can my wish be granted at Christmas time please James?

    Moderator James Huff


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    I don’t see a “Post Color” under the Document tab myself.

    Do you perhaps have a plugin that’s adding that?

    James. Thanks. I do have a number of plug ins including Jetpack. I’m on my iPhone this evening. I will send you a screenshot of the relevant ‘Post Color’ section of the document tab. I’ll do it tomorrow (Monday). How do I send you a pic file on a forum reply?

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    You can use to share a screenshot of what you see there.

    Post Color is an option available in the Document tab from the traffic light menu / ‘more options’ > ‘options’. I have ‘Post Color’ checked on this list.

    Take a look at this screenshot:

    You will see the Post Color section bottom right. I’ve discovered thhis morning that the default post colour is Hex #f4f4f4 (white). My questions is how do I set the default to be Hex #f9f9f9 (light grey)?

    PS: thanks for being a volunteer

    Customise 2020

    See screenshot:

    Here I am in the customise colour area.

    As you can see I can customise the Background Colour, Header & Footer Background Colour and Primary Colour slider for buttons, headlines, Links, etc.

    But there is no facility to change the default background colour for posts. This is my issue and question for you James.

    Hey – this is a simple thing and I can work around it by selecting the post colour each time I create a new post. It just seems to me the 2020 developers have overlooked this.

    The other thing as I explained in my original post is that the colour section in Theme 2019 set the frame colour for the post. So I always chose a frame colour to match the colorisation of the featured image. This was often a dark colour. An unintended consequence of the way the 2020 Theme developers have now used post colour for background colour is that many (if not most) of my 200 archive posts are now unreadable because they are presenting as black text on dark background. Not to worry – I spent a couple of hours yesterday fixing this. Its just a silly developer oversight it my view.

    Moderator James Huff


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    So, the section you’re referring to is not part of Twenty Twenty:

    Post Attributes is the last entry in the Document sidebar when using the Twenty Twenty theme with no active plugins, there is no “Post Color” section.

    This list shows the only available Document sidebar panels:

    Perhaps, on your site, it’s being added by a plugin that was either specifically made for Twenty Nineteen, or a plugin that’s not yet updated for the Twenty Twenty theme.

    Try deactivating all plugins. If the option goes away, re-activate each one until the option re-appears.

    Thanks James. I do want to keep the ‘Post Color’ section. Its my only way of determining the background colour for my posts. I will check out all of my plug ins for updates to 5.3 and 2020 and make sure they are all current. Thanks again for your help in this issues.

    I’ve been trawling through my plugins and found I have ‘Color Post’ installed and activated. Its OK for the WordPress version I have. Now I know what it is I can work with it.


    Moderator James Huff


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    Excellent, so in this case, I recommend reporting the problem at so the plugin’s developers and support community can help you with this.

    Thanks for your patience on this journey James. The clue was there when you said you didn’t have ‘Post Color’ on your version of WordPress 202, and you thought it might be a plug in.

    This promoted me to ‘audit’ all of my plugins. Some I deactivated – including Post Color. I can see how it might be useful for some people. But to me it had become a vexation. Mostly because it analyses your feature picture and sets the post background colour accordingly. Most of the time this results in a background colour that is too dark.

    So goodbye Post Color and hello 2020 default.

    End of thread ….. Thanks again.

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