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  • Total Newbie here… so please type slowly for me. 😉

    I have an issue with the default font size when using multiple levels of bullets with my text. For an example, scroll to the bottom of this page:

    What file do I change and how do I change it to make it so that the font size does NOT get smaller when I use bullets… or even additional inset bullets?

    Thank you a ton for your help!

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  • Change the font-size in this CSS (it was .7em)

    .content-box ul {
        font-size: 1em;

    Thank you, WPyogi… that definitely made all of the fonts in the bullet points the same size. However, I now have fonts in the bullet points that are a little bit bigger than the “normal” text (IE: The story at the top of the page). Is there an adjustment I can make to the CSS that would make the font size the same as all normal paragraph text?

    Thanks again!

    The regular content font size is .8em. But if you are intentionally using nested lists, if you use a size less than 1em, it will get progressively smaller with each nested list. Are you intentionally using nested lists or is that a coding error (caused by a missing closing tag)?

    You could also use px size rather than em – those won’t resize for nested lists.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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