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    I am creating a blog for a project that will be entering diary entries from an 1850’s explorer and traveller.

    we will be publishing the entries on the same date (day, month) as the original was written.

    However we would like to make the date that appears on the post be in the year 1850.

    Normally you would just adjust the date that the post was published – however we want to be able to enter the posts in advance – and schedule them to be published on the appropriate day.

    Unfortunately i can’t see how to do both

    any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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  • About a year ago there was somebody on the forums who tried to do something almost exactly the same, but ran into the problem that (s)he wanted to use older dates than WP (or something) recognised. Of course I don’t know which thread that was by heart, but if you’re looking through the forums you might find it. I don’t remember if the issue was solved then.

    It’s not what I meant, but… (no longer works after 2.6?)

    Well, you’ve got somethign to read, maybe these threads can inspire you to the sollution.

    thanks very much for the links…

    (and appologies – i did have a look through the forums for ‘date’ and ‘change’, and waded thru quite a lot of threads that weren’t about what i needed)

    so… hmmm: nobody has come up with a solution really.

    I certainly don’t want to get into hacking the core – yikes.

    looks like i will just have to remove the automatic archive links and hard code in the links with fake titles – while hiding the date from view.

    looks like i won’t be able to pass this website off to the authors completely after all.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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