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    We are using WPCourseware in our Coraline Theme. At the top of each unit in Courseware, there are links back and forth which indicate the last and next units, but they are arranged by date of origin. To make the unit displayed in the links appear in the right order, we have to change the date of origin for the units every time we reorganize our course units, and set any unused units as draft instead of published so they don’t appear at all.

    Election Day Timeline

    If you look at this link, you will not see the course content, but you see the links I am talking about. We would like to remove those links and WPCourseware support has indicated that a child theme or editing the CSS files would perhaps be the way to do it. Can you help?

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  • Hi @cjhaab,

    You can definitely hide those links with some custom CSS. 🙂

    The following would hide the navigation on single courses:

    .single-course_unit #nav-above {
        display: none;

    If you set up a child theme then the above CSS should be added to its style.css file. Alternatively, you could activate a standalone CSS plugin.

    Let me know if that helps you achieve what you’re after! We’ll be happy to help with further questions, too.

    Yes, that worked! I installed Simple Custom Css, pasted in your code, and got just what we wanted. Thank you so much!

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    Glad that did the trick! I’ll mark this thread as resolved but feel free to start a new one if you need help with anything else.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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