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  • Hi,

    I am completly new at wordpress. I have already tried it on a localhost but I plan to get a webhosting for my future website. The problem is, I am actually working on a PC and that’s where I will install wordpress but in two month I will have a Mac. I know you can access your blog or site from any computer if you have a host online but what about the pluggin? What will happen when I change computer? Do I have to reinstall wordpress? Will I be able to access the same wordpress fonctions on my new computer? (admin etc)

    If anyone could help and reassure me it would be great cause I can’t figure out how it works…



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    If your site is remotely hosted by the time you get your new computer, you won’t have to do anything. You’ll be working directly on the remote site through your web browser.

    Thank you esmi for your answer!

    So if I understand correctly, once I have installed wordpress on my computer and I have done everything I needed to put it on my online server, then I can work on my site from any computer and download any theme or plugin I want without any problem, is that right?

    But I have another question, if I want to make a second wordpress website on my new computer, will I need to download wordpress again? Or does it depend whether my online host is doing the multisite option?



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    is that right?


    if I want to make a second wordpress website on my new computer, will I need to download wordpress again?

    Yes. And you’ll need to set up a new web server if you want to develop the site locally.

    Have you reviewed Moving_WordPress? It’s fairly complex and, unless you are developing a theme or plugin locally, I wouldn’t advise local development if you are relatively non-technical.

    Thank you for the link.

    The thing is for now I have installed a local host in order to “play” with the different themes and all the wordpress options. I wanted to get familiar with it. Now I have found the theme I want, chosen my online host and decided a domain name. So I will be installing wordpress on my PC and then put it on my online host and only use this host to work on my worpress site.
    So I wanted to make sure when I will have my mac computer in a few months that everything would be ok and I’d still be able to work on my site. I wasn’t sure if the online host still needed the wordpress file on my computer. But when I think about it, it makes sense that I won’t need it because it’s like I would have downloaded worpress on my PC then transfer it on the online host which for the moment I represent like a kind of “external hard drive”…

    In fact, I am “non-technical” for the moment, but i like to understand what’s going on and I hope i’ll learn! But on step at a time 🙂



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    So I will be installing wordpress on my PC

    No. You only need to download WordPress and then upload it to your online site. You do not need to install anything on your computer. In fact, many hosts have 1-click installs so that you don’t even need to download/upload anything.

    Yes! sorry! I’m not english so I didn’t use the right word. When I said install I meant download.

    thanks for your patience!

    You’re not really downloading either. 😉

    You would be installing WP on your host provider’s server and work directly off that environment.

    I promise I’ll learn 😉

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