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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to WordPress and using the theme Mono.

    I want to change the colour of the links in my posts, as right now they’re bolded but still not very noticable (look here:

    I’ve looked around and have tried a few things, but everything I’ve tried has simply underlined every link on the page which I don’t want to do.

    Here’s what I found in the style.css file:

    :link,:visited { text-decoration:none }
    { margin:0; padding:0 }
    a img,:link img,:visited img, abbr { border:none }
    address { font-style:normal }

    If someone can help me, it’d be appreciated.


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  • Replace this:
    :link,:visited { text-decoration:none }
    with this:
    :link,:visited { text-decoration:none;color:#000; }

    That will set links to black. Then fiddle with the #000 part until you get something you like. Each can range from 0-9, then a-f (a is 10, b is 11, etc, so the range is 0-f). The first digit is red, the second is green, and the third is blue. So if you want bright blue links, use #00f. Deep blue would be #008 or so. You get the idea.

    Oh, and you might need to hit shift+reload to see the changes in your style sheet (to clear the cache).

    Thanks, AdamrBrown (You wouldn’t happen to be the Adam Brown that went to Trent U. would you??)

    It worked! It did change all the links – in the sidebar, too – which I didn’t originally want to do – but it looks okay… Is there a way to just change the links in the posts??

    Thanks again,


    Nope, not that Adam Brown. Just one of the 33,700,000 other ones (according to Google). *sigh*

    As for the links…

    If you want only the sidebar to have a different color than the rest of the page, then add this somewhere next to the other #sidebar stuff in the CSS:

    #sidebar a:link, #sidebar a:visited{color:#000;}

    (Yes, it’s necessary to repeat #sidebar.) Once again, fiddle with the colors. That will be black.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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