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  • Truth Seeker


    Forgive me regarding this post but I’ve tried everything the last 2 days to solve this problem myself. I’ve read others’ previous posts regarding changing the color of the text for the “more tag” but have not been able to find the necessary file.

    I am new to WP and have little to no code experience, but I’ve managed to create a theme (using Site Grinder 3). It is working quite well, but have some nagging quirks, one of them being the color of the link (“Continue reading…”) when I place a “more Tag’ in the Post Editor. Its color is an ugly purple and does not fit in with my color scheme (browns).

    I’ve looked everywhere in the files to fine its style sheet, but have not had any luck.

    I’ve read the Codec article on “Customizing the Read More”, specifically:
    “Then set the moretext class in your style.css style sheet to whatever you want. Here is an example of the style which features bold, italic text that is slightly smaller than the default text and uses the font-variant: small-caps to force the text into small capital letters. “

    But, I have not been able to locate any css file to accomplish this.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  • WPyogi


    No way to help without seeing your site, except to suggest that you use Firebug to look at the CSS code and find the relevant selector to use to modify that color.

    Sounds like there may not be any specific style applied to that element – that it’s simply using the default link style. So you may need to use the selector and make your own CSS code for it.

    This CSS site may also be helpful:

    Thanks for the reply & suggestion. I’ve been away for a few days with other business so would have responded sooner.

    I’m including a link herefor you to see the problem. You’ll have to login so I created a temporary login (your login name for this forum) and a password (“password”) so you can see the issue.

    I can not see any file in the template folders where there is a relevant css where I can change or even eliminate the purple colored “Continue reading An Unexpected Journey”.

    Note: Click on the top left “Padua Prep Blog” to get to the home page.

    Note also that the Read More (brown color) which is visible below the purple text was created by me in a template editor called SG3Xpress (Site Grinder by Medialab).

    Thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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