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[Resolved] Changing color of the active menu if Current Page is in submenu

  • Hi, i just use your menu, very good job, it work like a charm 😉

    But i just notice one thing : when you use submenus, if the current page is a part of a submenu, the main menu don’t change color (like the current page)

    Is it possible to add this feature ?
    Or just open the parent of the submenu.(maybe the two things ?)

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi furet12,

    Great to hear that you are using the plugin and that it is working well generally for you!

    I think an auto-open option for the sub-menu would be a good idea, I’m going to add that to the development list.

    Many thanks


    Thank, i’m impatient to test it !

    Hi furet12,

    I’m impatient to implement it!

    Many thanks


    Hi furet12,

    I have added an option in the BETA 2.0 version with an auto-open parent children links option.

    I would love if you could test this out for me to see if you can discover any bugs and if it works correctly for you.

    You will need to deactivate and delete the old plugin, then upload the new version to your plug-ins folder, which you can download from below:


    Once uploaded, go back to the admin and save the options again to reset it with the new stylesheets/javascript code.

    You should now have the version 2.0 beta which would be great if you could test.

    Sorry for the long wait for this, Ive finally found time to work on the plug-in again!

    Many thanks


    Hi Peter,

    First i would Thanks you to take time to develop this new fonction.
    I just updated my website with the new version.

    I have set the new box “Auto Expand Current Parent Items” but the current menu does not expand..

    if you want to test my web site URL : http://test.dampierrelesbois.fr

    I have tested it on my Iphone with safari, on my mac with safari / firefox / chrome.

    If you can explain me what is wrong ?

    Hi furet12,

    This is odd, it is working on all my development sites.

    It seems that your menu parent classes are different to all my sites, what version of WordPress do you have installed it may have something to do with this?

    I have updated the beta to include the different class. If you could replace the following file in the plugin for me and then click update options in the admin again that would be great.


    We will see if this is the cause and if not well go for something else!

    Many thanks


    Hi Peter,

    I just test the new version, it’s work like a charm now 😉

    I use WordPress 3.9.1-fr for the moment and i just wait to upgrade to the 3.9.2-fr. The theme is Twenty Twelve from wordpress.

    Thanks a lot !

    Hi furet12,

    Great news!

    Thats why the BETA stage is so important before a full release!!

    So many different setups, themes, versions etc. etc. etc. to think about.

    Great its working, hopefully the full release will be out next week after all the BETA testing is complete for you to enjoy!

    Many thanks


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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