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    Dear all,

    I’d like to make life easier for my colleagues, by changing the status of services by choosing the recent status from a drop down menu in the editor.

    Basically its a table with services and status, where the status is indicated by red, yellow and green fields or coloured images. Changing each status from 3 options in a drop down.

    I looked at different approaches (like custom fields), but couldn’t figure out how to do it, or if it is possible at all. Is there a plugin or theme which provides said function? Any other solutions?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!


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  • This isn’t a support question, this is a developing with WordPress question…

    Are you looking to customize the editor in the back end?

    There are a number of articles on customizing the back end here:



    Hello Jay!

    first off: thank you for your quick reply! you’re right and I am sorry! This post was not meant for the support section and since I browsed to the developing section before adding a new post, I somehow expected it to show up in the right category.

    However, actually I don’t want meddle too much with the editor, but I’m looking for an already existing solution – if it is possible at all, to get what I want. Theme, Plugin, any Editor – I do not really know nor care which of the aforementioned gets me the result.

    Again: on the editor side I want a dropdown with 3 choices (red/yellow/green or three different images), but show only the coloured fields or images on the rendered web page. The viewers should not see any drop down at all.



    P.S.: I don’t see how I could move this thread to “developing with …”.

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    Because the classic editor has a way to add a Formats button, and this includes Classic blocks in the block editor, there should be plugins that support this, already. There could also be a block like that.

    I wrote a theme that puts its defined classes into the Formats button, so they are easy to apply in the editor. You can also define your own classes in Additional CSS, and add them to the list. The theme will put the list into the Formats button.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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