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    I am trying to change the color of my navbar and also the tabs on the navbar. I can view in the page source in the browser, but cannot find the folder that contains the coding that will allow me to alter the navbar color.

    I have also been attempting to change the tabs on the navbar and thought I could accomplish this by changing the page names, but all that does is erase the current tabs I have in the navbar.

    I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

    The site is


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  • onlinebusinessinstructor


    Here is the only code that address the navbar in the editor, but I there is no mention of the navbar background

    #wrap{ margin:0px auto; padding:0px; width:1024px; background:#FFFFFF; border:1px solid #000000;}
    #wrapper{ margin:0px auto; padding:0px; width:960px; background:#FFFFFF; border:5px solid #7dadcc;margin-top:10px;}
    #header{ background:url(images/header-bg.jpg) no-repeat; width:1024px; height:152px;}
    #navbar{background:url(images/navi.png) repeat-x;height:32px;}
    #navbar ul{list-style:none;padding:0px 20px;margin:0px;}
    #navbar li{float:left;margin:2px 0px;padding:5px 15px;}
    #navbar li:last-child{background:none;}
    #navbar a{font-size:1.231em;color:#02213d;}
    #navbar a:hover{color:#FFFFFF;}

    any suggestions

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