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  • lutetia


    Hi all,

    When I first created my website, I made certain pages “children” of other pages, since they were “nested” in the overall structure. I don’t want these “children” to appear in my sidebar. I use the Page Lists Plus plugin to control this.

    However, whenever I edit the parent page, all the children get listed in the sidebar, and i have to go back and manually uncheck the list page box for each child page.

    So, I’m thinking of just making all those children regular pages.

    Right now the URLs for the child pages appear as follows:
    www. /parentpage/childpage1

    If I make them regular pages, the URL changes to
    www. /childpage1

    This is fine, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m wondering if this change will cause problems with permalinks and search engine traffic.

    Does wordpress automatically reroute to the new URL?

    Anyone know?

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