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  • I know that the answer is probably “duh,” but I just can’t find it…
    How do I change the category of an existing entry? Once I go into the EDIT page for a particular entry, I can’t find any field where I can change the category!

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  • If you look here and here you can see the categories listed out on the right side of the screen. Uncheck the category you don’t want the post in, and check the one(s) you do want the post in.

    TG: Thanks for responding — but wouldja believe that the Categories don’t appear on my Edit screen? Nothing — just white space over there! Am I missing something, or did I not choose a certain option during setup, or…?

    Odd…. the only thing I can think of is “do you HAVE any categories?”

    Oh yes — about 10, and most of them do have entries in them. Here’s a screenshot of my edit screen.
    <img src=””>

    hmmmm…… try scrolling down. It might be that there isn’t enough room on the side (depending on the length of your category names) and that it has popped down lower somewhere.

    Dang…nope, no luck there, either. This is strange!

    (bump) Still no clue — anybody — help…?

    Perfect — you solved the problem – thanks!

    I posted a fix awhile back, but the “relevant posts” gives a list of the oldest “most relevant” which, in this case, returns “least relevant” – I’ll post it if I find it, but I think it was just a clearer div in the edit page.

    Found it through Google:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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