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    Recently, while trying to reorder category links in my sidebar, decided to go into phpmyadmin and reorder them there. At the time, the highest cat # I had was 30 or so. Now, categories I create jumped to over 100. Why, and is this a problem? One category I created, when I moved old posts there, they completely (and I mean completely) disappeared. I deleted that category (a triple-digit one) and have run various tests with other new, triple-digit categories that have all seemed to work fine. Since, I have found a plugin that will order my categories for me, so I’m all set there. Just wondering if I need to be concerned about what I did inside mysql and if I need to undo or check things, how to do that. Anyone’s time is much appreciated.

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  • trying to reorder category links in my sidebar
    For that you don’t need to get into the DB – you can use parameters in the template tag(s).

    Disappearing posts might be related to the fact that the relation between categories and posts is stored in the “post2cat” table of the database – and you didn’t say anything about modifying the data there.

    And yes, you should be concerned: if you don’t know 200% sure what are you doing in the database – better leave it alone 🙂

    I never touched “post2cat” and have no idea what it is. And the disappearing posts happened in a newly created category, after I did the renumbering, which makes it more confusing to me.

    Ok, I am concerned, what do I need to do??? Is there a reset to it or something? Delete all my categories (through admin panel) and then start-over?

    I don’t know. I am not a MySQL expert – that’s why I don’t go into it and mess around with stuff.
    Maybe your blog is fine even after the changes you made. And – hopefully – you made a backup of your DB before doing anything in it: that’s what every tutorial says on the first line. Backup, backup!
    Good luck!

    Thanks for your time

    Anyone else? Do I need to “reset” something or delete all my categories and start over or…….?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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