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  • Same problem here…

    Just checked the mini-cart.php and the .po & .mo files and everything looks fine but all texts in the mini-cart widget are still appearing in english.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advanced.

    Hi there!
    I have also the same problem and I have spend a lot of time already on that…
    Maybe there is this problem, because it is a witget, I have also a problem with another witget for categories, when I can´t replace the text: “select a category”…

    I am not PHP profesional, so I would be gratefull for any suggestion…

    Have a nice Evening

    Hi radimone,

    in my case the mini-cart template and translation strings came from the theme instead from the woocommerce plugin. This is something quite usual if your site is based on a wootheme, in this case you should look at your theme’s .po & .mo files and translate the strings there.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi m_disseny,
    unfortunately, I have looked everywhere with no result…
    My website are here: and I need to adjust the text inside the orange button of cart (“cart is empty” or if you have product in the cart: “items:”

    I haven’t found this text anywhere and I am a bit confused about that.

    Have you some ideas? I thought I have to find this text inside any php file and change it, but perhaps there is another solution, which I don’t know as a PHP-amateur :-(((

    Thank anyway for your previous responce,

    Hi KR,

    I see you’re bulding your website based on loremipsum WP theme. I see this theme comes with a .pot file. Have you set the proper cs_CZ translation for your theme? I’m pretty sure these strings are there.

    If you can’t find them try to find in your theme’s directory the file with the class “ait-woocommerce-cart-info”, and look for a piece of code similar to this: <?php _e(‘Cart is empty’, ‘loremipsum or whatever’); ?>

    If you find it, then try to update with poedit the xxxxxx-cs_CZ.po file adding the url of the file that includes the code.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi m_disseny,
    I found the .pot file as you wrote (loremipsum.pot), but if I changed there the text “Cart is empty”, nothing happened. (I use Dreamweaver for that)

    I also found the cs_CZ file, where seem to be all strings defined, but on the web site it doesn´t work – I always see “you are here:” and many other texts in english.

    I haven´t set this cs_CZ file for my theme anywhere, actually I don´t know how to do that, I just chose the language in the WordPress administration… so maybe in that it is.

    My username and password for administration are: admin, 1234, if you would have a time to help me with this nightmare 🙂

    I appreciate your usefull info and suggestions.

    1) Download and install poedit from
    2) Open the xxx-cs_CZ.po file with poedit, if it doesn’t exist open the xxx.pot file.
    3) Us the search tool to find the strings you need to translate.
    4) Make sure you save it as xxx-cs_CZ.po, it will automatically create .mo file with the same name.

    Reload the page.

    I wouldn’t post here the username and password…

    If you can’t manage to use the .po files for translations you can replace the strings directly from your theme. Keep in mind that this will be a problem if you want to add more languages or if you need to update your theme, so create a changelog with all the modifications you make.

    Go to Vzhled -> Editor and edit the file Záhlaví (Templates/header.php). Use the search option of your browser and look up for:

    {__ 'Cart is empty'}


    {_nx 'item', 'items', 'items in the shop cart', aitWooCommerceCartItemsCount()}

    Just replace the strings between apostrophes and save the template file.

    Hope this helps!

    Hi m_disseny,
    I don´t know how to thanks, it works !!!

    I must be probably blind, because I found these words everywhere beforehand.

    Anyway, the program poEdit is also great thing, which I haven´t know before and with which a have to learn working.

    Thanks again for your help and write me if you will want to visit Dresden 🙂


    Hi once again,
    finally I solved my problem without editing the file: Templates/header.php.

    I have been succesfull and edited .po file, but not in poEdit programm (which I propably used in bad way), but in plugin: Codestyling Localization. It works well and editing is intuitive, you can also create more different languages.

    Maybe it will be interesting for you.


    Thanks, glad you worked it out!

    I prefer poedit as I can use it in non wordpress projects as well, but it’s a great tool anyway.

    Cheers from barcelona!

    Hi m_disseny!
    I come back to our communication, because I came across a new issue.

    I would like to have 2 different prices of shipping – one for payment in advance (bacs or credit card payment) and second for payment Cash on Delivery, but it seems there is no way to do it.

    Another variant could be to create any discount for payment in advance, but I also don´t have idea how to do it…

    Have you any idea how to solve this thing???

    What new in Barcelona?


    Hi radimone,

    which version of woocommerce are you using? It seems that the new 2.0 version allows to set specific shipping methods for cash on delivery payments, maybe there is the clue… I guess you can create new cash on delivery shipping methods with the extra cost applied on them.

    Good luck!

    thanks for quick answer!
    Yes it seems, you can chose specific shipping method for cash on delivery in new version of woocommerce. But unfortunately, I can´t upgrade my shop, because, there are already many things adjusted right in the code.

    Do you think I can change only this shipping method through php file any way?
    Or isn´t there any plugin or extension which could help?


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