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  • I recently installed WP with the Kubric theme. The theme is clean and neat but I’d like to change the blue “banner” to something more site specific. I’ve googled, etc. for methods but some seem rather dated and others seem to be ineffective when I try the method(s) described. Of course, it’s possible I am doing something wrong, or mis-understanding. What is the simplest method of replacing the blue banner? If I need to create a new image I have GIMP and PS Elements 6 on hand.

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  • Michael


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    one easy way could be to download kubrickheader.jpg from the images folder of the theme; and edit it with gimp, making sure to keep the size and the faded edges. then upload it again into the same space.

    if you find that the blog title and description texts are interfering with your design, come back here with a link to your site for more help.

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