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    I searched through several pages, but couldnt find this. Although I probably was searching for the wrong term.

    How do you change the wording “Blogroll” to something else. Im currently using HemingwayEx 0.95 beta as my template.

    I want this to change in the front end and not the backend.


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  • Not sure where exactly you’re lookint on on your blog but have you tried to work out which template file is displaying that portion of the blog?

    I have been looking through the template and I thought i found it, but i changed it and nothing happened.

    that is a picture of almost exactly what my thing looks like, blogroll is in the middle bottom of the screen. I was wondering how to change that wording to something like just “links”

    Edit your theme’s functions.php line 156: change “Blogroll” to “Links”.

    Thats the one I thought it was, and changed, I changed everything in fuctions.php from blogroll to links 🙁

    Thanks for the try though


    I’m using a Kubrick variant, so this may not help you, but in my case “Blogroll” was actually a category name, which I changed in my WordPress admin settings under Manage > Categories.

    @pjrich: I just checking this out on a test install and it seems to work. I would have spent much longer searching through code before thinking to change the category name 😉

    Same here – luckily, I found it before I wanted to change it, and remembered it later. Glad to hear it works –

    Cheers –

    Yes, ive tested it and it works!! even though ive looked at that place a few hundred times, I would never have thought of changing that! Thanks pjrich

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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