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    My WP blog is currently in my root directory ( I want to change my site so that it is in a subdirectory (, so I can add different content to the root. My questions:

    1. How do I do this?
    2. I am not ready to add different content to the root. Is there a way to have visitors who go to be automatically directed to until I add something to the root?
    3. Adding the subdirectory will change the URL of all of my posts. Is that going to mess up the Google search results that I get everyday?


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  • Actually, If you will follow step one from sparun answer, step 2 (or question No.2 is irrelevant IMHO.
    Because then, people who will go to your root ( will automatically be directed to your blog (even if they will not see it in the address bar)
    as for question 3 – yes, It will affect the search results, but it will be ok again after a week or so.
    Google is an indexing engine, so now in the index you appear as ( .. when you change to (, it takes the index some time (varies) to update itself.
    People will still go to your site, but will probably see the 404 page, and then go to the root (you can do auto-redirect on the 404).
    You can accelerate this process by submitting a sitemap (XML) to google.

    That worked. Thanks for your help guys!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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