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  • Ive been using multisite or a while and while I was experimenting I initially set it up in a unique directory against a domain name I really don’t use. Since then I’ve migrated all my sites to there.

    But obviously when I login and admin the base URL is obscure to my domain.

    The question:
    I see in the admin area there is an option to change the base URL. Is it that simple? Is there anything I need to be aware of?

    All my login/logout and dashboard pointers use the db to retrieve the correct values–ie they’re not hardcoded. So they shouldn’t be a problem?

    Just dont want to experiment and lose some daabase connectivity (doubt that) or anything unforeseen.


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  • The base URL is the root directory of your WordPress site. By changing that in WordPress, you’re telling it to look to the new location. But using the menu option won’t relocate your install, you’ll need to do that first.

    There is guidance on this here:

    Sorry, I’ve misstated what it is I actually want to do.

    I have domain mapping and use various domains with my blogs–in the following forms: <– primary install of wordpress

    All domain names point to the one folder on my web host.

    Problem is anyone logging in on is redirected to for that and sent back. That’s one of the problems I want to address (I know there’s another option to keep the user local, but that’s not ideal for other reasons).

    There’s an option under “my sites” to select the primary domain for the wordpress install. Technically the db isn’t moving, just the pointed URL for back and front end stuff. Just to clarify, all the URL’s point to the one web server’s folder. I just want the primary domain to be now. So these logins are within my main network of sites.

    I’m pretty confident this setting iswhat I’m after and what I need to change. Just not 100% 🙂

    I hope I’m more clear in my intentions now. The setting I’m talking about is the primary domain and so my question is, are there any tricks, tips, problems with changing this ‘willy nilly’

    Ok, I just went looking–still not prepared to experiment just yet…

    What I’ve just realized is that this option to change the primary domain is only available in the subdomains themselves, not in the network admin.

    For each blog, the primary domain is (regardless of the blog).

    For the first time ever, I just opened the drop down and what I saw wasn’t what I expected. With reference to the URL’s I provided above, the drop down (for example in the case of is <– current setting

    I’m assuming the appears, appears as a result of domain mapping elsewhere.

    The line is different in each blog, and the URL for each blog appears in this spot

    So maybe this option doesn’t do what I was expecting. I’m not too sure now…

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    No that option will nt help at all with what you are trying to do.

    For the mapped domains, do you have “remote login” checked in the domain mapping options on EACH sub site?

    Look under subsite -> tools -> domain mapping.

    I have turned on (and off), tried both ways with that option you suggest. In some ways, remote login OFF is better for the user experience, but a PITA for me. But what I did find, that although this is under SITE administration, changing it ANYWHERE affects all sites. ie, I had it on in all sits, turned it off in one, and went thru the others, and they were already turned off. They were all turned on initially.

    So, back to that option under “My Sites”, what is it for? There’s little I’ve found for it. I was going to play with it for one of my lesser blogs, I still might. But don’t want it stuffing anything else.

    My basic intention is to go from using as my main admin site to using Because this will give the users the most streamlined effect–I want to integrate facebook (as per other topic), but I don’t want them EVER seeing the old admin domain. I’m pretty sure they won’t, but I want to be sure.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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