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  • Hi

    Does anyone know if the banner can be changed to one of my choice??? I would like to upload a photograph as the banner.



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  • Sure…but how you do it will depend on your theme.

    A link to your site would help us.

    Thanks Figaro

    The site is

    Thanks again




    Thanks Whooami.

    I’ve tried to get back into the workings, but the login part on my blog has disappeared??? Am I missing something??




    youre saying you dont see the login link? why do you need a link?

    put /wp-login.php after your blog url

    put /wp-admin/ after your blog url

    Hi Whooami

    Thanks for that, I’m a bit green re this.

    As for replacing the banner with a picture, how do I do this? Where about’s is the file? Do I have to login somewhere else to see where it is?



    See the codex/docs for tips and tricks.

    Thanks very much for all your help.

    I have tried to find Admin > settings > general, as below, but have been unable. There doesn’t seem to be a part of the Word Press

    The WordPress Header
    By default, the WordPress header is a simple piece of code. You do not have to get into the code to change the header that comes with whatever WordPress Theme you choose. You set the blog or website title and description in the Administration > Settings > General panel, and WordPress does the rest.

    Could anyone please point me to where the Administration > Settings > General panel is please??????

    Is it in the 1&1 login where the site is hosted or is it under the blog login?????

    Thanks for your help so far, I promise the banner is all I want to change 🙂

    It’s exactly where you say it is. In the WP admin, click settings and you’ll already be in the general screen. There you can change the blogtitle and tagline, but not the header image.

    Ok cheers

    I want to change the header image. I have a website where I can “click here to upload banner” button and I thought wordpress may have the same system.

    Thanks for your help.


    Nope, it’s not that easy. See Whooami’s first tip and read the documentation that I linked to earlier. It’s not that difficult either.

    Your right there Gangleri 🙂

    I see in the instructions re CSS sheet, now, I’m missing something, that’s not in doubt.

    Question is, I’m in the 1&1 blog dashboard, it has all of the headers, dashboard, write, manage etc. How do I access the style sheets/folders from this page????????



    I’m almost reluctant to suggest this, but………. if you can figure out how to upload new themes to your blog…see the link below for information on that:

    Then, it may be a lot easier for you to select a theme that allows you to upload a custom header through the WP admin interface. See link below for some themes with custom headers…





    dont confuse the 1&1 control panel with your wordpress admin area.

    theyre not the same.

    how did you get the theme you have now on your site? was it one of the ones that came with 1&1’s install?

    (they like do their own 1&1 blog install that complicates things, for those of us that help around here)

    I’ve had 2 accounts and 4 domains with 1and1 for about 5 years. I would NEVER use either their “BLOG” or “WEBSITE BUILDER” add-ons. Ever. Use your FTP account and manage your blog strictly via the WP Dashboard, as whooami says. You are asking for problems otherwise. Just FYI.

    When you connect to your blog via FTP, you will see the WP-Content/Themes folder. Click on that folder to open the destination for your new theme. From the left panel, go to your extracted new theme and “transfer” the folder and all files to the themes folder at the destination. The result should be that you will see the Default folder AND your new themes folder listed, with all sub-folders of the new theme – usually just an /Images folder. whooami’s video is easy to follow.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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