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Changing Background

  • This is such a basic question, I feel stupid even asking. Here goes. I am using the default 2.0 template on my site, and I would like to change teh grey background to a patterned jpg file. How and where do I replace the color code with the jpg file? Can I just change it on teh CSS Style Sheet? Or do have to make the same change on all of my pages? Thanks for any help you can send my way.

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  • Can we have a link to the blog please? If you’re using the “Default 1.5” theme you mean, the grey area is part of the “kubrickbg” background image.. All you’d have to do is open that up, in like Gimp or Photoshop and change the look.. But either way, can we have a link to the blog? Thnx..


    Thanks for the link.. =) Yeah, like I said above, you’d have to adjust the images using a image editing software, like Gimp or Photoshop or something.. If you’d like to see the ones I used on my Test blog, here is the link:

    If you’d like to use those images I have there, and have that 1px footer/header shift..which I see you have, while I was viewing it in Firefox.. =( I have the fixes for it in the RAR archive on there as well.. =)

    You just download that, and reupload those files over the current Default 1.5 files.. and everything should be peachy.. =) The only one not to upload would be your header image that you made.. I hope this all helps ya.. =)


    Please note though, when unzipping that folder, you don’t upload using that one folder within the main folder… you would just upload the files within the second folder…over the existing ones in the “Default” theme folder.. =)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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