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  • I am currently using my Matala Theme and I want ONE page to look different than all the rest. I own a pet care business and would like to keep my (business site) the same. However, I want to create a NEW look for my (animal rescue site).

    I have successfully changed my wrapper image, another background image that repeats on x (left to right), rebuilt my nav bar, but I am having trouble changing my ‘bg-web.jpg’ file. [the file that tiles the entire page one color, this is a simple brown box i want to make blue]

    I achieved the image changes by changing my CSS to have conditional lines of code:

    .page-id-75060 #wrapper {
    background: url(‘images/bg-wrapper2.jpg’);
    … ‘bg-wrapper.jpg’ being the background image on
    … ‘bg-wrapper2.jpg’ being the background image on

    I can change almost every image using this conditional line of code. However, when I go to change the ‘bg-web.jpg’ file located at /wp-content/themes/matala/images/bg-web.jpg to ‘bg-web2.jpg’. It wont change??

    This is confusing because I have changed every other image this way. Could it have something to do with it being embedded in the html tag of my css?

    html {
    background-image: url(‘images/bg-web.jpg’)

    My conditional line of code (that doesnt seem to work??):
    .page-id-75060 html {
    background-image: url(‘images/bg-web2.jpg’);

    bg-web2.jpg is the image I made to replace bg-web.jpg (mine is blue instead of tan)

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