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  • I want to change the background color of the page other than the blog entries. (Or add an image that borders on each side of the main page.)

    This is the CSS style sheet from the theme I’m using — can someone show me what line of code I’d use to change the color (I have the color chart so I’ve got that covered) and how I’d put a non-repeating background image? (I know HTML way better than CSS.)

    body {
    background: #FFFFFF url(“images/top.gif”) repeat-x;
    color: #323232;
    font:11px/18px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    margin: 0px auto 0px;
    padding: 0px;

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    We need to see your site before we can help.

    Ah, that would be smart, wouldn’t it?


    This is the line you want to look at
    background: #FFFFFF url("images/top.gif") repeat-x;

    Just change #FFFFFF to whatever color code you want to use. change the relative image path to wherever your background image is, and change repeat-x to no-repeat.

    Awesome, charles.murphy! Thanks much for your help!

    I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious, but I uploaded my background (sunflowerwall.jpg is the name) into my images folder in wordpress, where the other images used in the site are located on my server. I changed the info above to:
    background: #FFFFDD url(“images/sunflowerwall.jpg”) no-repeat;

    And nothing happened. I want a very light yellow background, hence the FFFFDD color code, and the image name is accurate. Any ideas on what I’ve done wrong? I’m using Elements of SEO, which I love, but editing it hasn’t been as easy as some others I’ve used before.


    Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I just want to update the background (or at least just to the left/right of the blog entries) and upload a wallpaper (same place)? Thanks!

    can anyone help me change background image for my site as well? i uploaded the image from my desktop to my wp theme ‘choco’ but not uploaded for some reason??

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