Changing a theme to a single site w/in a multi site config (4 posts)

  1. dbevarly
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Once we get the network of multi-site web sites up and running. Can we change the theme of one of them w/o affecting the others? Right now we have two themes used by the eight different sites. And one wants to go with a different theme outside the two that are in use. Thanks, Dan

  2. Yes. You can select themes per site. Be aware, if you edit the theme core files, it edits them for all sites using that theme :)

  3. dbevarly
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you Mika. As a novice here, I am assuming you're stating I can download and activate a new theme for one of the child sites, but don't mess with the core files of it will corrupt that site and if someone else wants to adopt that theme too, messing with the core files will corrupt both sites.

    We ran into an issue where a developer provided two themes/templates for the child sites and customized their styling. Now in order to use certain (popular) plug-ins, the developer said he has to customize the plug-ins to work on those themes and that will co$t us. I thought if we can get the current themes onto the new server and in the network, then we can switch out to a new theme --one that will allow the seamless activation of a plug-in-- and work around their customizations/restrictions. Right?

  4. Not corrupt, no.

    And I wasn't talking about downloading at all :)

    WordPress Multisite shares all the WP files. So if you edit /wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/index.php then you edit that file for every site that uses that theme

    Does that make sense?

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