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  • I am setting up a new website and have my own reseller account. I am setting it up under a domain name I own attached to my own web hosting but the actual domain name that it needs to be under soon is with another company.

    What do I do when I have finished setting up the site to get the domain which is with another company to attach to my hosting and replace the current domain name it is under. I am really confused with this as it seems to be really difficult from all the documentation I have read. I don’t really want to mess around with configuration files as I am not a developer.

    I would have thought that a lot of existing websites if they are updating to a new website with an installation of wordpress would be built somewhere else and then have the domain point to it once finished. I would have thought this would have been a relatively easy process.

    Can anyone help me with this or give some advice?

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    The original domain name will need to be updated in several places in the database where it is stored text within serialized data.

    I use the interconnect/it serializes PHP search & replace tool, which is a script to change all instances of the old domain to the new domain. This can be downloaded from:

    1. make a complete backup of the files that make up te WordPress installation
    2. Make a backup of the database attached to the WordPress installation
    3. Set up the new hosting account associated with the new domain name & make a note of the FTP connection details.
    4. Create a new empty database on the new hosting account & make a note of the database connection details
    5. Restore the database backup to this new empty database
    6. Install the Search & replace tool on the new hosting and follow the instructions to update the domain
    7. Delete the Search & replace tool
    8. Upload the previously backed up files for the WordPress installation to the new hosting
    9. Edit the wp-config.php with the correct database connection details.

    Ok thank you for your reply ! It does seem very complicated I will give it a go though.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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