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  • I have a few blogs that I accidentally left it as admin, and would prefer another name for consistency across all my sites.

    Is the only way to change this to delete all the files, re-upload, and reinstall?

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  • You could edit the name of the account directly in the database (backup all your data before doing this though).

    FYI, WP 3.0 installations now allow you to choose the name of the default account, so it no longer has to be admin by default (if you started on a lower version and upgraded you won’t have seen this yet).

    You could just set a nickname and show it to post that?

    Assuming it’s just a visual issue then yes that should work.

    Else if it’s about having the same login credentials across sites, then the DB method would be required.

    Of course i’d never encoruage anyone to use the same login in several places, at the least all accounts should use unique and/or complex passwords (anything not easy to guess – and ideally not a real word).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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