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[Resolved] Changin MySQL connection collation

  • Hey!

    I’m about to migrate one of my wordpress sites to another server. I’m doing database backup but apparently due to the default mysql connection collation is set to utf8_unicode_ci and I need to export the database in utf8_swedish_ci, I have some problems with displaying special swedish characters. My hosting provider doesn’t provide me means to perform exporting via mysql commands. Therefore I have to change the mysql connection collation of the database I want to export via phpmyadmin ‘s operations section. I’m about to perform the change but first I would like to make sure two things as the database I’m going to perform changes on is a magazine website’s database and a mistake during the process could cause a big trouble for me. So, here are the two points I want to make sure:

    1) If I change the mysql connection collation, will that truly affect the existing database? I’m asking this because I’ve followed some short tutorials on this manner and when I performed the changes based on these instructions, only new table’s mysql connection collation changes.

    2) Could changing mysql connection collation from utf8_unicode_ci to utf8_swedish_ci via phpmyadmin’s operations panel cause any problem with the existing content of the site?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Every piece of information and help is truly appreciated.

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