Changes/Deleted Keep Coming Back (2 posts)

  1. macker123
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hey Guys,

    I moved an install to a new server since I bought the site. Same domain.

    I am on the *NEW* server for sure as I see IP from a Firefox plug-in.

    - I make a change like deleting comments, deleting plugin or editing a template and changes take effect

    - come back later and changes are gone and back to original

    - come back again and I see my changes again

    - 2hrs later I am now seeing a slightly modified original site. So basically like 1/2 my changes are working and other 1/2 simply dont exist.

    It is like WordPress is basically overriding itself, almost like some sort of version control keeps getting triggered and depending on when I refresh and take a look I see a different version of the site.

    Any idea what is up?

  2. stevedmma
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Same problem here, only affectng comments

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