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  • Hiya: WP newbie NON-techie here so please speak slowly!

    First: WP is Awesome, whew –classy, smart, amazing –and overwhelming. I’ve been blogging for many months, elsewhere, yet WP is a Challenge. After I wrote the first post: ran spellcheck, got ‘no changes’ then > post. Well it HAS errors. –I’ve never published with misspelled words, I’m way NOT happy about that.

    -Is “spellcheck” unreliable?

    -I’ve tried to change the little website description line (under the title), which also has errors, but it won’t accept the changes after deleting & rewriting, so How to? (In case you’re wondering: it took Hours to set everything up and by the time I finally posted I was extremely tired.)

    Have more ?s, but I’ll wait for reply to this. Thanx!

    To WordPress people: your blog site is Impressive! Well done. (Now if I can just figure out what ANY of these terms mean, I’ll be able to use it??? !)

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  • HI! Glad to see that you’re excited about the possibilities of wordpress – and trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be posting answers in here to others like yourself! 🙂

    First things first – when you post for help, giving us the URL of your site, what version of WordPress you’re using, and any plugins that might relate to your problem would help us help you much better and faster.

    WP doesn’t come with a spell checker by default (yet) so I’m inclined to say that you must be using a plugin for that. Could you tell us which one? Not all plugins are created equal, of course.

    What you may want to do instead, is use something like MS Word to write up your posts initially, spell check them, then copy and paste them into a plain-text editor (like notepad [not wordpad]) to remove any font formatting or such, and then copy and paste that into the wordpress editor. I know it seems like a hassle, but I’ve yet to see a plugin for spell-check that works well, and it’s not in the WP standard release (as I said, “yet” – should be in v3 if I remember correctly).

    Also – where is it exactly that you’re trying to change the description you mentioned? was it inside the WP admin under “Options”? If so, try going back to the site (Your main website – www(dot)yoursite(dot)com or wherever you have your wordpress installed at) and doing what’s called a “hard refresh” by pressing CTRL+F5

    Does any of this help? I do need more info in order to help more, but I’m hoping this can get you rolling… please let me know.

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