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  • Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer


    Short answer: Yep!

    Long answer: You can do this for the functions wrapped in function_exists(). (This works because the child theme’s functions.php is loaded first.) For those not wrapped in function_exists(), they are attached to a hook. So you can remove the hook (e.g. remove_filter( 'the_hook', 'twentyten_the_function' );), and optionally attach your own function to the same hook.

    Hi Andrew – sorry for reopening this thread, but I have made changes to a couple of functions – both twentyten_posted_on() and twentyten_posted_in() and I have cut, pasted and saved them in between <?php… ?> as functions.php in my child theme folder, but I keep getting the ‘Headers already sent’ warning. It happens especially when I perform an update to a post. I’ve referred to and done what it suggests there but it keeps cropping up. Any clues?

    I’ve found one change in style.css which I think cannot be overridden in a child theme.

    v1.1 now has the entry below which includes lines for image height and width in style.css which weren’t in v1.0. The change can make a mess of images in earlier posts.

    #content img {
    margin: 0;
    height: auto;
    max-width: 640px;
    width: auto;

    see also

    Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    namklim: It was designed to fix an IE8 bug, I believe. I’m having someone look into the side effects.

    cosmicjellybaby: You have whitespace somewhere in your functions.php file. You should have ONE <?php at the top of your file, as the first characters. I would go so far as to omit the closing ?> entirely as it is unnecessary.

    Nevermind, had to update the code in header.php in my child theme. Back on track…my site title had disappeared.

    Andrew, I have checked – I only have the <?php at the top and I have removed the ?> at the bottom. I still get the ‘Headers already sent’ message – it refers to line 1 of the functions.php file. Grr…

    Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    cosmicjellybaby: I thought that you may have had an echo somewhere. But if it’s reporting line 1, you probably have a space or some null character before the <?php then. It needs to be the very first characters in the file. I would open a new support thread and others can help you resolve this, if you can’t fix it with this.

    Andrew: I’ve done what I shoud have done and re-generated my child_theme/functions.php file, making sure that <?php is the very first piece of text. Things look to be ok now and having checked that all of the template files that I have amended are safely saved and tucked inside the child theme folder, I am going to press the button and update twentyten to ver 1.1… drum roll please…

    Cool thanks Nacin

    Thanks: Yes I have to investigate the changes I’ve made to use the child theme

    Hello —

    Working on my first WP site here. I created a child theme for twenty ten and a corresponding style.css file. Among other things, I used it to style the footer (div#footer div#colophon). This morning after updating to 1.1 (and WP 3.1) I notice that the styling on the footer doesn’t work. Looking at the code I see two divs, site-info and site-generator that I don’t recognize. Were they added as part of 1.1? I don’t have a footer.php in my child theme directory, so I’m assuming the only changes I made initially were to the .css file. Should I now change me css to style these two new divs?

    Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    wordbill: footer.php did not change from Twenty Ten 1.0 to 1.1.

    Thanks Nacin, that page header thing was annoying me!

    If I could bring the conversation back to the pros and cons of child themes for a second. While it looks like the concept of PHP pages in a child theme directory overriding the parent theme is useful for simpler changes, it becomes less and less so the more PHP pages I need to update over the course of upgrading the original theme, right? Once you start updating things like header/footer/loop etc, your theme isn’t going to survive a partial upgrade when the parent theme gets all the new files, but some aren’t called up any more because you have child theme files that have precedence.

    To me it feels like I’m stating the obvious here, but I wanted to double check that there’s not some other piece of behind the scenes magic that I’m missing.

    To Joost point, I was thinking the same thing. So I wonder if I’m missing the magic as well.

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