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  • I 2nd that request. kthxbai



    Me too!
    So far it seems like only the description of the theme has changed…

    I’m also looking for a What’s new file.

    Changes found in files:

    All of them, very small corrections as far as I can tell.

    It would be nice to see why I should update. Better still would be for the auto update to work! I’ve tried two different websites now and both have failed saying unable to delete old version of theme and left the site corrupt. Not happy.

    I don’t want to lose my mods for just a few small changes,…

    Hey all —

    The only real change is that I removed the half-baked code using the wp_title hook in order to customize the page title, and instead the code was moved back into header.php and simplified a little.

    I can call it half-baked because I was the one who wrote it. It interfered with some plugins and so we yanked it. Twenty Ten is also likely going to be picked apart by up-and-coming theme developers, and I didn’t want my inventive technique to gain any traction. (I’d much prefer we introduce a replacement wp_title(), which you’ll likely see in a future release.)

    We also made a few minor changes to attachment/media styling and markup. Just some tiny improvements for a few edge cases.

    There’s a ton of other small changes in there — style.css for example — but they’re all stylistic. (Ha! — get it?) We alphabetized the CSS properties because that’s what the theme guys like. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I see Mo already posted the full diff. If you’d prefer for your head to not explode, here’s the log of commit messages:

    Hope that helps.


    StevieG: If you can provide more information about the actual error received, the hosting environment, etc., that might make for a good bug report at

    PandeBCN: Modifications bad. Upgrades good. To modify a theme like Twenty Ten, it’s better to build a child theme! They’re awesome, and they’re quite resilient to upgrades. Child Themes in the Codex.

    Cool, thanks for letting us know! My head was exploding a bit trying to get past the diff to style.css… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thanks! I really love Twenty Ten, and I found it very easy to automatically upgrade it to 1.1 and to modify it with my own child theme. (just braggin’)

    I like the new theme update functionality, but it’d be nice if there were a changlog attached/linked to update/upgrade recommendation similar to plug-ins (haven’t looked yet if this feature request is already in trac).

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    Hi, I’m mightily impressed with twentyten – so much so that I’ve been tweaking it to make it really fit my site. Then don’t I go and see that twentyten 1.1 is available and then (for the first time) see that I should have been making those changes to a child theme – son of twentyten if you like. I get the part about the style.css – having a very simple one in the child theme which ‘merely’ calls on the twentyten style sheet and contains only amendments afterwards. That’s all well and good, but I’ve been merrily making changes to single.php; category.php etc – what happens to these? Do I just have my versions in my son of twentyten directory? Is that it? Is it really that simple?

    Yep! It really is that easy. It will respect template hierarchy but always check the child theme directory first. The Codex page should explain this well.

    I changed mine to using the child theme method as well. I actually like doing this better because now I don’t have to remember as much what files I’ve modified. When the theme is updated again, if it is, I can just do a file comparison to see what changes I might need to add into my copy or if it’s better to re-add my code into the updated theme’s file.

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    It is that much easier with the child theme method. Just one thing, if I want to change a function, do I just add this to my new functions.php in my child theme folder? So whereas the original functions.php file will have many functions, my functions.php will have only those that I wish to change?

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