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  • changes in the way the api works and lack of support is killing us. my gravity forms are no longer submitting to constant contact. my forms have 401 errors on them after submission. the sparse instructions don’t really help troubleshoot issues.. such as the constant contact field fails to appear under “bulk add / predefined choices” anymore.

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  • Plugin Author Zack Katz


    I’ve been on vacation the past two weeks and am back to work on Monday. I’m hearing the issues people are having, and I’m sorry about them. I’ll see what I can do to fix them in the next week.

    and that was 8 months ago

    plugin is still broken and no news whatsoever…

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Please try updating to Version 2.0.

    Thanks for your reply, I see that you have just updated the plugin. Unfortunately updating no longer is an option for me, but I hope it works for others.

    I am using the latest version of wordpress 3.31 and gravity forms and trying to use the plugin to directly add people to my Constant Contact List. When I follow the directions to the form-ConstantContact link- and place the clients constant contact info in the box – I am getting an error saying its not vald/correct.

    If I go to Constant Contact and use the same info I am able to log into Constant Contact with no problems-

    I am wondering of this add on is working with the current versions of wordpress and gravity forms or if it is broken. If it is not broken I am wondering if anyone knows what the solution is to get the add on to work and recognize the Constant Contact info as valid and correct.

    Hoping this plugin in does in fact work
    As always thanks to anyone that takes the time to reply

    Scott V

    Same problem.

    I can login to Constant Contact with credentials, but the plugin is not recognizing them.

    Invalid API Key, username, and/or password. Please try another combination.

    Constant Contact credentials not recognized

    I am getting the same error on several of my website: Invalid API Key, username, and/or password. Please try another combination.

    I am 100% certain that the login credentials are correct. The one observation that I have that may help is that the website that are causing difficulty are all hosted on the same server. Other sites that I manage that are working fine with the contact contact plugin extension are running in GoDaddy’s shared hosting environment. Could there be a PHP setting on the server that is causing this error? Some of my sites are running Apache and some are running FastCGI.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!!

    YES this plugin is BROKEN!

    When I try to connect new sites, I get the same error

    Invalid API Key, username, and/or password. Please try another combination.

    For the sites that were integrated before the plugin broke, they still show they are connected to CC, but there is no data transfer!

    Would love to see this plugin working again really soon! It was amazing while it worked!

    Using latest plugin version…

    Same thing for me…getting the Invalid API Key error.

    I discovered something while trying to troubleshoot this plugin yesterday. (Read the whole comment, plugin is still not working properly, but I think I figured out half of the issue!)

    When I get the, “Invalid API Key, username, and/or password. Please try another combination”, it is when I am using my GravityForms Developer License code for a site that is using a different CC login credentials.

    If I use my CC login credentials, no matter what site, there is no error, and I can connect to CC on any site. I am guessing the plugin registers the GravityForms license with the CC API..?

    Meaning: It would appear that you have to have a unique GravityForms license code for each install that you are trying to use with this plugin.

    However, even when I have a successful connection (integration), data is still not being transfered from my website to CC.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    @chrisegg – that is definitely not the case. The GF license key is not sent to Constant Contact. I’m not sure what happens without a license key, but I know that with my Developer License I’ve not had a problem.

    I do know that the vast majority of the people using the plugin have no issue with connecting, but that there obviously is a problem affecting a certain group of users. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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