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  • Hi there,

    Everything was going great with our new website until earlier this week – we made a small modification to our single-portfolio.php file, and it looked great until we noticed it was only visible when we were logged-in to our WordPress Admin.

    We assumed it was a problem with the code, and contact our theme designer, but soon noticed that NO changes we are now making to any file on the back-end are visible to anyone who’s not logged in.

    Our theme designer suggested maybe it was an FTP issue, so we tried to edit the files in the WP backend under the Appearance/Editor menu. Still no luck. Every change we make is immediately visible to us as long as we’re logged in, but disappear as soon as we log out.

    To illustrate, this page should have just “Categories” listed above the photo:

    That is how it appears to us when we’re logged in to our admin. But you’re probably seeing “Tags” and THEN “Categories” listed when you bring it up, as are we when we’re NOT logged in. We made this change almost a week ago, and it’s been visible to us when logged-in since then.

    The first thing everyone always mentions with an issue like this is cache. Let me be clear, we have tested this on multiple browsers, multiple machines, and multiple platforms, cleared caches, hard refreshed, etc. Also, let me reiterate, I can A-B this within seconds. If we’re logged in, I can make a change, refresh the page and see it, undo the change, refresh the page and it’s gone. Logged out? Nothing. And no amount of cache-clearing changes this.

    We’ve been at a stand-still with a number of changes this week waiting to resolve this, so I hope someone has an answer. Any help appreciated!

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  • Of course… hours of searching and asking for advice with no luck. Finally make a long, detailed, support request, and seconds later stumble over the answer.

    We have WP Super Cache installed, and simply disabling it resolved the issue. Not sure if it was a one-time thing, or a running issue, but that was that.

    So annoyed/relieved right now…

    I’ve spent days looking for a solution for this problem. I strongly recommend not installing any cachin plug in because they’re not compatible with the WordPress update and will lead to considerable sluggishness of your WordPress blog.. I deleted the catching plug in and Voila EVERYTHING IS JUST GREAT NOW…….

    lessons Learnt

    *********Never ever Install a Caching plug in for your WordPress site if you’re using a responsive theme********

    *********If you’re already installed a caching plug in delete it from the both the wordpress end and from the server side*******

    *****Upgrade the latest version of Java and update browser to the latest version**************

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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