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    This is very strange. I used Inspect Element in Chrome to see what CSS rules were being fired by a portion of a page of a site using the Prospect theme. I downloaded that CSS file, made some changes, and uploaded it again. No effect on the page. When I Inspect Element again, the portion of the CSS showing in the display box does not reflect the changes I made, rather it shows what was in the original CSS file. I went back and added rows of /***/ comment lines, then uploaded again, and inspected element. Nothing shows, and the line number of the rule fired was the old one even though I added that comment line above it to change its position in the file.

    I’ve checked, no cache plugins installed on this site. I’ve flushed the cache in Chrome, switched to two other browsers, re-downloaded the CSS file and looked at it to insure the changes were indeed uploaded, and even changed themes to a different one and back again, still no sign of the changes I made to the CSS file.

    Is there some way to force a theme to refresh the CSS files it’s reading? How can this happen? I’m baffled.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • If you post a link to your site, someone is more likely to be able to help.

    Make sure your HTML and CSS code is valid.

    I don’t know that it would help, but the site is The stuff I’m trying is on an unpublished test page.

    I just navigated to the CSS file I uploaded in my browser, and the changes do not show up in the browser. But, if i download that same file to my desktop and open it in a text editor, the changes are there.

    The file I looked at in my browser is here:

    It should show a /*************/ line right above the ol, ul, li settings on line 11. If I download that file, the line is there.

    The permissions seem fine, I checked and I have write permissions to the directory an to the files, and since the file I downloaded contains the changes it obviously was uploaded. How can it not be reading the correct file when I navigate to it?

    Here is the test page URL:

    I’ve been trying to track down in this theme why the OL lists have the right appearance but UL ones do not. It showed that UL were falling back to reset.css. I added some rules to layout.css right where the UL was correctly firing in order to see whether that fixed it, and the new rules never showed up in Inspect Element, which alerted me to this weirdness going on.



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    Are you using any caching plugins?
    Do your web hosts run a web cache? Or your ISP?

    No, as I posted above a cache plugin was the first thing I looked for. Nothing. I’m checking now whether my ISP does anything similar, as I don’t know. I use Hostmonster.

    Okay, I think you’ve hit on something esmi, and thank you. That account had something enabled called CloudFlare that sounds like a cache scheme. I just disabled it and refreshed my browser reads of the affected CSS files and started to see the updated versions.

    Thanks again, I would not have thought to check there.



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    Glad I could help 🙂

    You did, indeed and the CSS issue I was trying to fix in the first place is now all set. 🙂

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