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  • IN WP Editor I can type in changes with no problem in my footer and header pages, but the second I hit “Update” button, WordPress disappears and my site home page pops open in its place. Without my changes. So I can’t make site changes anymore.
    The last change in Editor I remember making with no problem was last week adding a short line of text, a Blog Catalog link, to my header. But I can’t see that in my header now.’

    Can anyone help with this problem, about which I haven’t a clue? Site is
    Mucho thanks for any helpful ideas you might have.

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  • esmi


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    Try working through this list first:

    Basic WordPress Troubleshooting

    Thanks for your response esmi. The list you suggested is mostly recommended for users who have run into problems after updating, which I haven’t done, thanks to all the horror stories I’ve read here. Too many of the update problems users have described seem not to be resolved. For old hands, I’m sure updating is no problem. But for newcomers like myself, who have had to absorb and work through an enormous amount of new info to transform their theme, and who still feel like they’re tiptoeing on eggs (when I looked into permissions, I obliterated my whole site), I’ll be waiting a bit before diving into an update.

    However I will take a stab at all those suggestions & give them a try. Who knows, I might get lucky. So thanks again.



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    You might still have inadvertently installed a problematic plugin or an older theme. So the basic troubleshooting list is well worth checking through.

    I got lucky. The problem turned out to be a plugin – WP Firewall. I haven’t touched any plugins for almost 2 months and they’ve been playing together very nicely until boom – the update problem. So now when anything goes wrong, the first thing I’ll check will be the plugins. In fact there may still be some hanky panky going on there. It sometimes takes me three tries to log in to WP. A mere inconvenience, now that my update problem is solved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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