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  • i’m trying to make changes to customize the home page of my website and the theme changes are extremely slow (a whole day) to show up on my site. A friend of mine said she went on my site and even the pages i added aren’t there. so there are things that i can that see she can’t.

    in my attempts to figure this out on my own, people mentioned caching (i have no clue what that means)

    i am completely ignorant of web lingo and coding. i was following a guy on youtube that was taking me step by step in creating this site. when you reply, could you speak to me as if i was an elderly person afraid of the internet?

    🙂 thanks!

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  • Sounds like your friend’s browser are showing locally cached copies of your website. Always do a forced refresh (on Windows, it’s CTRL-F5). That will force the browser to redownload all files, and the changes should show up immediately.

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