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  • Hi there.

    I installed Qtranslate slug and for some reason it has an impact on my layout structure. I am working with a right sidebar but unfortunately this right sidebar disappears when running Qtranslate slug and the right sidebar widgets are being shown at the end of the page. The whole layout is getting messed up. Can you help me how to solve this? I am running a WP Casa Theme at present…

    If you have an e-mail for me I am happy to send you some screenshots..

    Thank you,

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  • i have the same problem, but in my case the widgets does not appears in any place, i switch the lang, and the right sidebar disappears :l do you find a solution?

    I am having a similar issue with Qtranslate-slug. My sidebars display but there are styling changes.

    The <header> layout on my non-default language has changed. It seems to not be implementing some CSS from the child-theme. Previous to the last WP update it did the same to both languages and now just to the non-default. I haven’t found any relevant changes to the HTML.

    Using Suffusion with WP style child theme.

    Anyone else with this issue? The last update with qtranslate-slug was nearly a year ago, does anyone know if it is still being supported?

    Thank you,

    With qtranslate-slug installed and without on the default language page, the theme calls for a <link rel=’stylesheet’ … ?ver=4.4.6&suffusion-css=css in the non-default language it calls /fr?ver=4.4.6&suffusion-css=css and this seems to be linking to a post. At least that is what I’m seeing when looking at the linked css to the generated page.

    This is the only <link rel=’stylesheet’ … that it is changing.

    My knowledge of php is limited so I’m unable to parse what in the qtrans-slug is leading to this change.


    Well I have a fix. It’s not tho one I would prefer and it is only likely to solve the problems for a large theme like Suffusion.

    Suffusion gives a variety of back-end choices for dealing with css stylesheets. I originally had it set to “Auto-generate the CSS and link it as a file (Low load on server, elegant page source code)”. I found a thread at Aquoid on ‘suffusion-generated-css’ that seemed related. It suggested trying ‘Don’t auto-generate the CSS, and print it in the HTML source (Low load on server, ugly page source code)’ or the similar one.

    This works consistently in my case, but doesn’t solve the underlying problem.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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