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    I updated my site yesterday… and forgot to fix the Style css. page to have the page image tags float left. I went in today, made the change and I can’t get it to update. How long after I make a change to the Style css template should I have to wait for it to update?

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  • when xampp is correctly installed it runs in the browser
    thats the point
    not sure how windows handles this

    I think i am confused by the term browser.

    i mean firefox or similar

    cos svn saves endless futzing as u know well esmi

    Not necessarily. All you’re doing is adding another level of complexity that may not be needed. If you want to play with bleeding edge/alpha versions, fair enough (although there are other methods to using SVN). But if someone just wants a local copy so that they can tinker with their site/theme safely, a standard download will work just fine.

    As for running WP locally on Windows, EasyPHP is probably the easiest method of getting a local server up & running. I’ve played with various LAMP installs over the years but found EasyPHP to be the simplest by far.

    no way can svn be described as “another level of complexity”
    and u can propose yr easyphp at any time
    personally i never used it

    Is aol a browser or do I need to go to Internet explorer?

    and svn got nothing to do with bleeding edge alpha versions
    its the simplest fastest method of installing and updating WP.
    of course you don’t like anyone telling u anything.

    omg lol…….forget aol…install firefox/chrome/ or any other browser u want
    aol is not a browser at all

    I have firefox… I downloaded it the other day… couldn’t open a dang thing with it. I so am in second grade with this stuff

    please note: this is the support forums for WordPress. Not support for running your own web server.

    @root – please stop telling people that they should use SVN – if you are inexperienced with it you can mess things up. In no way does anyone need to use SVN to run WordPress locally.

    Thanks for the help… now I have the basics maybe I can figure the rest out.

    So Root. I appreciate your help so much!!!

    Tried Easy php… not much easier. Calling the local ATC Monday… ready for a class.

    Easyphp should work pretty much out of the box. Were are you hitting problems?

    I downloaded Easyphp… then I added the Module for WordPress. Actually three times.. because I can’t seem to find it once it is downloaded. I have the E shortcut, I opened up an alias, but I have no idea why… From there… I don’t see any instructions as to the next step… Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

    I also have a question. Once I have this available… Can I design an entire WordPress Site and Then assign it a URL and move it to a Hosting Company, or is the purpose of this only to see changes before I make them on the live site?

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 62 total)
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