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    I updated my site yesterday… and forgot to fix the Style css. page to have the page image tags float left. I went in today, made the change and I can’t get it to update. How long after I make a change to the Style css template should I have to wait for it to update?

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  • i need to fess up
    i havent used windows inyears
    look thru the install docs and read carefully
    it normally goes ok

    i have a control panal now what

    I will spend the weekend reading all about the site and options. Thanks. You all are wonderful!

    oh cool
    now swithch into yr file manager/explorer
    go and see the file structure
    look for htdocs
    thats where u install stuff/set up web sites
    u need to navigate there
    u can put a shortcut in mydocuments

    then install wp right in there
    maybe make a wp folder

    ok, So just to be clear… I will install WP into the HTdocs and then once it is downloaded, will I be able to open it, or will I need additional steps..

    Oh I am excited HT docs is right there!

    just hang on lol
    u keep talking about “opening” it
    wp got to be installed in htdocs
    what u will end up opening are the theme files…………
    u are doing so well
    but hold yr breath
    u might stumble
    its not a 1 min job
    but u doing great so far
    now u need to find yr way to phpmyadmin
    create a database
    add a user

    It says it is invalid… Dang, let me try again

    ok, I am in the phpmyadmin… don’t see create a database… unless db_create php is what you mean?

    if yr in phpmyadmin in yr browser its got a form for creating a db

    wp needs 4 bits of info to install

    location of db
    db name
    db user
    db user pw

    When I open phpmyadmin there are like 40 other sub files…

    u not in the right place
    in yr browser
    http://localhost should take u to the index page

    phpmyadmin is in menu on left


    u should be going there in yr browser

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 62 total)
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