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    where are the changelogs for this plugin? I could only find blog posts for up to 3.2.1 on the website.

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  • Exo


    I’ve just been searching for that too, since this plugin has a terrible track record on recent updates I wanted to read what’s been done before pressing update as I can’t trust auto-updates on this one (even though it’s a great plugin!).

    Anyone know where we can find Change Logs now?
    Kind of odd it’s hidden as the link (in the plugin option) just shows a white page now.

    I’m an UpdraftPlus and UpdraftCentral paid customer, but I’ve never been tempted to go pro for WPO: in part b/c I can never figure out what has changed when a new version comes out. Obviously, security updates get a higher prio install, while I take a wait-and-see approach for non-security updates.

    I am requesting that a more professional approach be used for communicating changes — the one followed by UpdraftPlus would be sufficient for me. Since there are other products available for database cleaning, I will be forced to migrate if this is not changed.

    Thank you.



    So here’s a strange thing, in your actual installation and not easily reachable without FTP there’s a readme.txt

    Even more strange is the update which came out today 3.2.9 (5th Oct 2022) is dated almost a month ago…

    = 3.2.9 - 06/Sep/2022 =
    * FEATURE: Import and export settings
    * FIX: Avoid infinite loop while using unused images export csv
    * FIX: Scheduled cache preloading issue
    * FIX: WebP testing making unnecessary background HTTP checks
    * FIX: Google fonts compatibility with The7 theme
    * FIX: Prevent console error for undefined <code>wp_optimize</code> for smush scripts
    * TWEAK: Avoid PHP warnings on cache cleanup
    * FIX: Ability to disable webp serving while caching is on
    * TWEAK: Reset webp conversion method flags daily using cron job
    * TWEAK: Remove orphaned <code>wpo_weekly_cron_tasks</code> cron job upon uninstallation
    = 3.2.8 - 23/Aug/2022 =
    * FIX: Build system error led to a missing file in 3.2.7 which could cause an error when using related functions
    * FIX: Fix incorrect function name in admin class


    I have an update from David who’s kindly replied to my Pro support ticket asking about changelogs, he says:

    The changelog missing at wordpress.org is due to a line missing in the readme.txt to indicate where it begins, and that has also now been corrected.

    Thank you very much for all of the info, Exo. David is the original lead developer of UpdraftPlus, if I recall correctly.

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