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  • I changed my wordpress address url to a “/wordpress” and lost my site. Is there a way I can change it back? It worked just fine before.

    I was reading around in the forums and I found that it’s a recurring problem. I’m not very technical so I didn’t really understand.

    I’m very new and was wondering if anyone could explain it, step by step, in Lamen’s terms? Thank you so much in advance for taking time out to answer.

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  • It’s usually just an error caused by not really understanding what’s going to happen when you change the URL’s in your dashboard without changing the file locations first. It happens to everyone at least once. 🙂

    You need to first change the urls back in order to get back in. Here’s a couple ways you can fix that. Changing The Site URL

    Afterwards, if you were thinking about moving your site here’s some help on how to do that. Moving WordPress On Your Existing Server

    You’re going to want to look all of those directions over well, before jumping right in. There’s a couple steps that can trip you up if you get them out of order.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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