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  • I had our site about 80% built and discovered the other 20% wasn’t going to play well on the Windows server it was on. Thus, last week we switched from Windows to Linux, and ever since, I’ve been unable to upload images or plug-ins.

    The GoDaddy people say I need to delete WordPress and reinstall it, that the problem is probably from changing servers after the app was already in place. (Don’t change horses in the middle of the Apocalypse?) Makes sense, I guess. Nothing else has worked, anyway.

    I’ve backed up my database, but how do I get the backup back into WordPress after I’ve reinstalled it? And will the backup work with Linux when it was created off the Windows server? No nerve to hit the Uninstall button until I’m positive my site will come back from the Great Beyond with the reinstall. At this point I can’t do much of anything with the site since uploads don’t work, but at least the site *exists*…


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  • Hello,

    What’s the error you are getting when you attempt to upload a image or plugin? check the following on your sites php.ini file to ensure that your blog is configured to allow you to upload:

    1) make sure that file_uploads is set to ‘On’
    2) ensure that your upload temp directory is setup with a correct path. The directive looks like this ‘upload_tmp_dir =’
    (on your wp-admin panel, make sure that you upload path is setup properly, by default it should set to ‘wp-content/uploads’ which can be found within “Settings” > “Miscellaneous”.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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