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  • Hi, I recently switched webhosts because my old server was too slow. With the new host, my homepage works, but none of the other links do ( Also, I can no longer log into the admin.

    I had to create a new mysql user name because my new host has a 7 character max and my old one is 9.

    I’m okay with starting a new blog as I have all my files saved in word docs. Is there a quick fix? Help! thanks.

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  • You have *all your files saved as Word Docs* ? !!!!. OMG.

    If you were using wordpress with the old system then you can technically just export the files of the old wordpress to the new one. Or what would be easier is get the dump files of your wordpress db and then reload it into the new server, of course the wordpress version and mysql version has to match the previous host.

    “of course the wordpress version and mysql version has to match the previous host.”

    Am in the process of moving my blog and MySQL versions do not match (old: 3.23.50, new: 4.1.21) so I can’t import the database tables.

    Advice from the new host is “why not install WordPress on the new account, use WordPress to export the database from the old account, FTP your customized files (including wp-config.php) from the old account to the new one, then use WordPress to import the database.”

    Am running WP 2.0.6 (planned to upgrade after the move, and after setting up a new template, since current template is based on K2). Found an export widget and have created an XML file of posts. Also found an OPML widget for exporting the blogroll but it gave an error message when run.

    My questions:

    — if am going to have to do a new install, should I install the version am currently running or the newest version of wordpress?

    — since I can’t import the tables, does everything — categories, users, etc. — have to be set up manually?

    — will the XML file of posts created in 2.0.6 work with 2.2.1?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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