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  • Hi all,

    I have a MAJOR problem with my website…basically, I’m a bit of a newbie and I built a blog/website for my organisation. I used wordpress to build the blog as a subdirectory of the orginal website. Today I needed to change the subdirectory and put it in the root and delete the remainder of the website, however I stupidly didn’t read any instructions before….or back it up. I just changed the url in the general settings and then it didn’t work so I panicked.

    I figured that I should change it back before moving the subdirectory to the root so I tried all the fixing suggestions that wordpress suggest here:

    The first option worked to edit the wp-config.php but then I couldn’t edit it in the general settings anymore and as I need to move the subdirectory to the root I changed it back and decided to try the other options.

    Through FTP I edited the functions.php in the theme section with what is suggests but that didn’t work and then that file disappeared (god knows what I did…) so I created another file and put in their suggestions but that didn’t work and came up with an ‘oops!This link appears to be broken’ error. So then I put it all back to how it was and tried the third option.

    When I tried the third option the same error message telling me that the link is broken appeared.

    So I tried to fix it via phpmyadmin and changed the siteurl and the home back to the subdirectory address as it originally was and saved it and it still says the link is broken. Then when I looked back at the options it has reverted back to siteurl and home setting that I tried to change…

    I then tried the first wp-config.php option, which worked at the start, and now that doesn’t work either.

    I really don’t know what to do and nothing seems to work and I’m stuck…please help me!


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