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  1. Melanthe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    First of all: I know that there have been other topics about this. I have read them, but don't understand what to do.

    So, I have, in "Settings, general" the urls of my site from feminadocta.nl/wordpress to feminadocta.nl After saving, I no longer had access to any part of my site, receiving a 404 error.

    What to do now, please advise.

    To make things worse, I do not have access to my ftp server and files, as those are all located on the laptop that died recently, and I'm currently working on a different (and much older) laptop.

    Any advise (in dummy language...) is welcome!

    PS on a brighter note, there wasn't much on my site yet, as I'm only getting started, so not much is lost and it isn't a big problem not to have a backup yet.

  2. Melanthe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thank you, I had seen that, but (and I feel an imbecile), I don't understand. I have the login page, looking slightly broken, but then what? Do I need to edit the page source? (and how??)
    I have no access to stylesheets or ftp from here.

    Sorry for being such a dummy on this.... :S

  3. Melanthe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Anyone? Help?

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